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Come Out Of Your Shell, Introvert

September 27, 2019

As an introvert, I love conveniences likes drive thrus, school drop off line, and anyway that I can stay in my car.

There are times when I do like to get out and talk to people. I really do like people, it’s just that I like to decompress on my own.

For years, I’ve done the school drop off in my van and I love the ease of it. This year, the school made changes and the drop off line is way too long.

Instead of waiting in the long line, the kids and I get out and walk in from across the street.

What I found is nothing short of amazing. I get to talk with other moms as I leave, stop to chat with one of my kid’s friend about his loose tooth and pet an Australian Shepherd puppy.

This extra couple minutes is everything because it allows me to interact with people that I might never have met in the first place.

Yes, introverts, it’s ok to come out of your shell once in awhile.

Are you an introvert or extrovert?

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