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Trading One Addictive Behavior For Another

Social Media Break – Day 4

Waking up and feeling fine. My intentions were set for the day. I woke up before my alarm. Still checked my email solely because school was canceled and I wanted to see what the district had to say.

Or so I’m telling myself that. Let’s be real, it was out of habit.

I kept my phone plugged in for most of the day only really holding it for long periods of time during the morning, noon and night. The impulses to check it went down as the day went on. It seemed as if I was getting the hang of this. Now, they still happened but I was mindful about questioning myself each time I walked over to the phone.

Even though today went smoothly and I felt less attachment to my phone, I realized I might have traded one addiction for another.

Enter SUGAR!

It’s one of those things that I have been craving and obsessing over for a long time now. I found that I was sneaking candy and hiding the wrappers, eating 4-7 Oreos daily and because I wanted to be “healthy” I bought gluten free chocolate donuts from Whole Foods.

Hid these as well. Mama wanted her own!

I was careful not to eat too much sugary items in front of my kids because I didn’t want to be a bad influence on them. They think I eat healthy much of the time, but that is so far from the truth. I snack at random times through out the day and after they go to bed. It’s no wonder that even though I do Crossfit 3 times a week and Yoga daily that my weight is still creeping up on me. And I do eat really healthy the rest of the day except for those “hidden” snacks. I believe the sugar addiction is here and real. I even bought a box of brownies to make which I hardly ever do.

Yup, those are gluten free, too!

I believe this whole challenge is not necessarily about social media as much as it is about changing addicting habits and focusing on moderation.

Less is truly more!

There is so much excess in my life: filling my calendar, staying busy, food, social media, blah, blah, blah. It’s no wonder that I need to change all my habits to stop, take a breather in order to make mindful decisions. Right now, I’m all about the immediate gratification. I like the way food tastes but forget what reaction my body will have with some things later on. There will always be an abundance of food but for some reason I feel as if I have to shove the food in or eat large amounts to satisfy myself. The long term effect isn’t always the best but it is filling the craving hole.

I was worried that tackling more than one addiction at a time was going to be hard but as I look at it, it’s changing all the habits by releasing control of the situation. Learning to really let go and allow abundance to come in instead of having a scarcity mentality.

Preview about Day 5, it’s all about worry. Another thing that controls me!


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