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How Negativity Is Similar To A Dementor’s Kiss

October 29, 2019

Negativity is such an energy drainer. It’s akin to a dementor’s kiss. Think about it. You feel cold and all the happiness is sucked right out of you. You feel as if nothing you can do could make you happy again. That is until you or someone you love protects you with a patronus charm.

That person is the positive aspect of it all. Turning those negative thoughts back into happy, good ones. You want to be around them and in turn will flip your sad thoughts around.

What would happen if you were around a dementor all the time? Your actions would be like that of a soul-sucking death eater. It’s the same with people. You choose who you spend your time around. Pick people who are going to lift you up, ones who don’t spend their time complaining or whining.

Check your attitude today, is it leaning towards the side of a dementor? If so, Expecto Patronum!

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