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The Thought Of Reactivating My Facebook Account Makes Me Laugh

February 21, 2020

The reaction is pure enjoyment on my part when I reveal to people that I’m not on Facebook. *Insert maniacal laugh and tap fingers together*

It’s been over a year since I finally made the decision to deactivate my Facebook account that has been opened since 2004. That’s right, I had one of the original accounts when the only way you could sign up is if you had a college email. This was way back when I had both Facebook and MySpace at the same time. Yes, I’m that old. I’m one of the “pioneers,” so to say. I’ve been through all the ups and downs and changes of this social media site.

The time came when I was ready to separate myself from this world and break the chains it held against me. In the time since I deleted my account, not once have I regretted my decision. At first, I was worried how I would get notifications about important things happening for my kids’ school or activities. Hello, Email!!!

As time went on, it became comical when people asked if I was on Facebook. In the last couple months, I’ve had an influx of friends want to add me to a group, send me a message or show me another person’s update. Thanks, but no thanks.

One friend even went so far as to say that people she knows have rejoined Facebook to join her group. Baloney! Her insistence on this matter actually made me laugh out loud. I politely declined and realized how glad I was to not be a part of the drama that is “the book.”

Oddly enough, I can still get on Facebook to check public pages without having an actual account. Those are the pages I really want to see anyways. My kids’ schools and all their sports have Facebook and they’ve made it super easy for those us without an account to find pictures of our kids.

When my friends’ question my decision to not be on Facebook in amazement, I tell them there are plenty of ways to get a hold of me. Want to send me a video? Your phone has a great camera and message app. I have to know about the latest recipe for laundry detergent? Email works well, too!

Sorry friends, that not being on Facebook confuses you, but I’m over here being a “pioneer” again in the world of unplugging from social media.

Is there a social media app all your friends are on, but you aren’t?

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