Daily Gratitude

I am grateful for…tree decorating!

I remember the days when I carefully placed each ornament halfway up the tree or higher so little hands would pull them down.

The breakable ornaments didn’t come out of the box until recently because even if did put the ornaments up high something was bound to come off.

With the kids being older, not only do they get to touch the ornaments but they are in charge of tree placement.

My job is to pull them out of the box and daddy’s job is to make sure they have hooks. Otherwise, the decorating part is all on the kids.

They get to reminisce about the ones they have made, asked questions about the ones that were around before they were born and get to see the new ones they get each year.

Everything gets to go on the tree, well everything but my nice Swarovski crystals and stars! They will go on when they move out and before they have kids!


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