Daily Gratitude

I am grateful for…my optimal health!

The last couple years I’ve gone from eating whatever I want and feeling fine to having to be very deliberate about what goes into my mouth!

For awhile I went gluten free and it worked until it didn’t. When it came to not eating wheat type products, I was good but there was still something else making my stomach do somersaults.

I went dairy free thinking this would not only help my stomach but my skin issues as well. Still to not avail, I was having issues with my gut!

Last week, my grandma gave me a book called the Plant Paradox and this addresses foods with lectins. It was weird cause I figured it was one more thing to add of my list of things not to eat.

It turns out that yes there are foods I will need to stop eating but all for the sake of feeling better.

For the last couple days, I’ve been semi-following his program and I can already tell that I’m feeling full longer, my stomach issues have gone away and I’m remembering to take my supplements instead of letting them sit in the cabinet.

I have been really into my health the last four years but together I think I’ve bout together the formula for optimal health!


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