Daily Gratitude

I am grateful for…Smiles!

Each day I try and get to that positive place and stay there. Some days, like today, it took no effort at all!

Around every corner, something brighten my day more and more.

It all started with extra time for the kids this morning as they got ready for school. They were able to begin their day playing together instead of rushing around.

After that Cam and I went shopping leisurely exploring each store ending with him wanting to get these beautiful rainbow flowers for me.

As we were coming home, singing kids songs in the car together, I glanced over and saw a real like Back to the Future DeLorean driving right beside me.

The kicker was thinking I had missed an important package this morning I needed to sign for but then spotting the UPS truck on the street behind us. Throwing Cam in the car and catching the driver before he left our neighborhood!

Today is all about perspective and how all I could see was goodness!


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