Daily Gratitude

I am grateful for…My In Home Carpenter!

I see something I want in our house and my hubby makes it. It’s not necessarily because I want it but because he likes to work out in the garage with his hands. Over the years, he has become quite the carpenter. It’s not so much about a Honey-Do list from me, as it’s projects he creates to make our house feel more like a home.

As our family grew, I knew we needed more space around the dining room table and I’ve wanted to have a bench to fit all the people we are going to have here. Not only does he get to create, I get to design the table and bench to fit our style.  He creates a solid and sturdy piece of furniture and I get to make it look pretty.

Each day we are getting closer to having a dining room table that I’m going to want to sit at everyday, one where I can drink my coffee, eat meals and help the kids with their homework. A table for made for holiday gatherings, birthday parties and full of the kids’ friends for years to come!


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