Daily Gratitude

I am grateful for…changing of seasons!

The changing of seasons means changes in life as well. New things come up and we focus on something specific during this time.

Fall is all about survival and preparing for a cold winter where you will hibernate. You begin to make mistakes because you are putting yourself out there to get ready for the next season.

I love to look at the positive side of things and be happy about all things that make autumn so great.

The changing of the leaves brings forth a sense of beauty that we don’t see from the trees the rest of the year. The royal colors come through and while the leaves are dying they give us quite a show before they disappear for several months.

The thing about seasons is that they are constantly changing and are temporary. If you feel stuck in one stage of your life, know that the next part is coming and will evoke change upon you.

Embracing each step along the way will give you the advantage to being ready for whatever might be coming your way.


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