Daily Gratitude

I am grateful for…patience.

Huh??? With a little self pat on the back.

When you take baby steps towards bettering yourself each day, you don’t really notice when it’s working till you get that lightbulb moment.

That was me tonight as I was putting the kids to bed. As little as three years ago, I was spent when bedtime came around. I went through our nightly routine quickly so I could be done. With four small children who all needed me, my emotional tank was on E.

Tonight, As i walked out of Cam’s room and went into my room to journal, he popped back out. Before I would have been so flustered and could feel my anger rising but tonight he peeked his head into my room.

Before I had a chance to ask him what was up, he said… “You’re the best mom ever. I love you.”

I came out of my room, gave him a hug and kiss as we walked back in his room.

Bedtime has become enjoyable and one of my favorite times to really get to listen and talk to the kids individually.

Sure, I still need the downtime at the end of the day but I get to go into it relaxed and feeling good.

This self growth stuff really does work! 😉


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