Daily Gratitude

I am grateful for…a full calendar!

On days when we are running around from dawn to past dusk, I am thankful for the things that get us from point a to point b and back!

It’s possible my kids have a bigger and better social life than I do. It does allow me to meet other parents but today’s schedule was a doozy!

I am grateful for my working van to make sure we are able to get everywhere we need to be! I was especially excited about the surprise I got today when I was able to park in the garage.

To be able to see at night when driving my precious cargo around is a bonus now that we are aware that I needed night time glasses to help with the blur and halos around the lights.

While the whistles from a birthday party rang in my ear on the way home, I was even a little grateful for those (I had to dig deep) because the kids had a blast playing with their friends today!


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