Daily Gratitude

I am grateful for…family dinner time!

It was one of those busy nights where dinner was either going to be served at 4:30pm or 8pm. I was not ready to eat early so we pushed it back.

As we finally settled into dinner around our table (made with love by the hubby), I was able to take a breath to enjoy the company.

When we finished eating, we sat some more and talked. During a pause in the conversation, Jake looks at us and says “I love when we can all sit around the table and talk about our day!”

Yes, there are some days when dinner is rushed, or when people are complaining but when we down to the heart of what it is, it’s about the company we share together.

He spoke these words with no guidance from an adult but because he loves that we are all able to chat about school and what happened.

While they talk about the goings on from school and their friends, I get to sit back, listen and observe which is more fun than anything else.


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