Daily Gratitude

I am grateful for…my body!

When I was pregnant with my fourth kid, a shift happened in my body. It was like my body went from one that could eat whatever and be fine to one where I had to conscious about what I was feeding it.

Some might think this is a curse but I looked at it as a learning experience. It allowed me to pay attention to the cues my body was giving me.

To listen when my body liked something and when it was unhappy with the food I put in.

My food choices might not be the most convenient for the general population of our country (or my family) but I’ve learned to look for items that accommodate my lifestyle.

Some people might believe that this is a fad I’m buying into but my body and I know what is best for us!

I get to try foods that I would have never tried and get to figure out healthier ways to prepare the foods we all love.

The funny thing is most of our family dinners are prepared for me and everyone can easier add cheese or sour cream if they would like.

Everyday I learn something new about my body and it makes me curious about what changes I will adapt to down the road!

Yes, I can still eat pizza!


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