Daily Gratitude

I am grateful for…the whole wide world of sports!

This bucket represents more than a bunch of balls to me! It is a means for our kids to get exercise, make new friends, respect adults and learn how to interact with a group of people.

These are skills that will follow them into adulthood. They will subconsciously learn how different people are and how they react to situations. They will learn fundamentals to help them toss a ball or hone in that eye hand coordination. It will teach them discipline on and off the field. It will give them something to work towards being better at.

These balls gives us an opportunity to spend our weekends cheering on our team and give them a great activity to do on the weekdays. These balls give us something to do as a family and to have the other children learn to support their siblings in whatever they choose to do!

These are much more than a bucket of balls to me, they are such an important part of our lives!



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