Daily Gratitude

I am grateful for…vintage barn sales.

When the kids were little, I had no decorating style. It was more or less, preserving my breakables till they were old enough to not break anything.

Then we moved to a rental and even though the kids were older, we didn’t own the house so I knew our time was limited there. I didn’t spend any money on decorating that house and kept our mish mash of furniture from our first house.

Once we made the decision to buy a house, we sold all of our starter furniture and started over from scratch. It has been so much fun to find my style in our new house.

I am enjoying the process of heading to barn sales, vintage stores and antiquing around our city.

Today, I am grateful to take my daughter to a winter market so she is able to get a glimpse into my world and what I’m totally into at this current moment!


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