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Holidays Are For Family Gaming

December 1, 2019

And I’m not talking about the electronic kind. I’m talking about good ol’ fashioned board and card games. When the kids and I get started, we could go all day. My son got Harry Potter Uno for his birthday, threw in a bunch of extra rules and went to town.

Several hours later, we were finally ready to take a break, but it didn’t last long. After lunch we began round two, then round three happened after dinner. Playing games with my kids allows me to have conversations with them, teach them about winning and losing, and generally having a good time.

I cherish this time with them but know that even as they get older it is something they will continue to enjoy. We are let our competitive freak flag fly and go for the jugular. But all in good fun, cause we want everyone to keep playing again.


What are some of your favorite family games?

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