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Social Media Break: Day 14

Today was one of those days I would probably have posted at least ten different things across my social media accounts. My insta-stories would have been blowing up!

Instead, I got to experience Luci’s tenth birthday sleepover with no outside distractions. The girls were amazing, kind to my boys and had a blast.

Some pranks were played…good thing there weren’t any Sharpies.

Many funny things happened that normally I would have posted on social media as it was happening but I let myself stay in the moment to witness it all from the sidelines.

Sure, there was screaming from when Jake scared them with the horse head but all in all it was a calm evening. No one cried except Cam when someone got too close to him with said horse head.

I didn’t pull my camera out once to take pictures even when they were decorating their cupcakes.

Prime posting material.

I actually relaxed and had minimal expectations for the night planning only on pizza. Luci came up with all the other activities, even the cupcake decorating. I was merely an observer at this party and that felt good especially cause this kind of event is something that normally makes my blood pressure rise. I watched Jeopardy with John, read Wonder (the kids and I are all reading it so we can watch the movie together.) and went to bed at 10:30pm.

Who knows when the girls fell asleep?

With this perspective, all I had to do was be the responsible adult for the evening. It was great and I never once got the urge to document it via social media. I did think about it but couldn’t even imagine actually doing it.

Two weeks ago would have been a whole other story. I would have been glued to my phone the whole evening missing it all.

Seeing the girls having fun was all the documentation I needed to record the memories and my stress level was down to boot. I could totally do bigger sleepovers again.

Give me a couple months to recuperate first. 


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