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The Act of Doing Nothing Is Not Being Lazy

Social Media Break: Day 13

Two weeks ago today I decided I was in desperate need of a social media break. I was so engrossed in scrolling and getting myself involved in other people’s lives that I forgot that my family is more important than anything else.

What has conspired in the last 14 days is that I am becoming less and less attached to my phone, leaving it plugged in for most of the day and rarely touching it except to check email and phone calls.

Today I realized I wanted to take a veg out break. I have a game on my phone that I like to play and yes, I find myself getting sucked in at times but yesterday apparently it was too much for my daughter.

She must subconsciously be noticing my change and when I had my phone for an extended period of time, she called me lazy. I took offense to it at first but then noticed that:

  • I was taking a time to do something I liked and it turned out to be a puzzle game that actually makes my brain do some thinking.
  • I didn’t have much to justify to her because she didn’t see how productive I was the rest of the day.  And bonus I got in my self-care routine in peace.

I did want to let her know that I hadn’t been sucked into my phone all day. At almost 10, she is so impressionable and I do want to instill good habits but also remind her that we can things we enjoy.

If anything I was taking an preemptive emotional break from all that we have going on this weekend for her birthday.

With a sleep over on Saturday and a family party on Sunday, there is not going to be much time for a mental break. As an introvert I like to recharge on my own and I needed to escape reality for a bit while playing a game. Now if this game starts taking the place of social media then we have a problem but I only play it for 15-20 minutes a day as a way to unwind.

Now to put my mom hat back on and get this party started.


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