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How To Experience Life Unplugged

experience life unpluggedIt’s universal to blame an outside influence for our bad habits. The last couple days I have been on my phone, scrolling, and playing games because of the rain (obviously). We haven’t visited the library because it’s coming down in buckets and is much cozier inside.

I become very hypocritical in my ways when the weather and my mood get like this. My phone attaches itself like an appendage as I sneakily hide my internet usage. It’s hard to stay off but the guilt kicks in when I blatantly tell the kids to theirs off.

Unplugging To Experience Life

In a couple weeks, my daughter heads to overnight camp for the first time. What I love most is she will be device free for six days, bonding with other kids and learning about herself. There is no way to get sucked into FOMO because she will be out in nature experiencing life.

In preparation for her week off, I want to be more intentional about my phone usage. I’ve been better about keeping it plugged in but it calls me. The kids’ devices are hidden in my room until they get access to them in the afternoon. I did this with my social media challenge back in February but somehow the darkness sucked me right back.

Lately, I have felt void of any real thought and deep down it’s because I’ve been scrolling my feed way too much. The creative juices have gotten stuck and I have no one to blame but myself.

My social media habit is a topic I talk about a lot because I am currently working on changing my thoughts surrounding it. The way I model my behavior directly correlates to how my children use electronics in their daily lives.

Avoiding Social Media From The Start

I always joke around with my mom cause she is not on Facebook.  How amazing that she gets to hear news from people first hand seeing their emotions. She is on Instagram but for the sheer reason to see pictures of her grandchildren, never posting anything of her own. My mom has great relationships with people. She isn’t bogged down by social media or worrying about what is happening on her phone.

While we stayed in a bed and breakfast this past weekend, my daughter made a point of reaching out to people she didn’t know. She made it a point to ask me the owner’s name. Each morning after breakfast, she complimented his meals making sure to address him by name. In a very genuine manner, she thanked him for our lovely stay at their home. No one had to instruct on this, she did it from the kindness of her heart.

As a mom of a pre-teen, these are the types of interactions I encourage more of so she can really connect with people. When the pressure to be on her phone more comes up, I hope she remembers how important real life relationships are.

It’s easy to hide behind a screen voicing your opinion. People can really feel your emotions when you are seeing, listening and looking them straight in the eye. While we do live in a digital age, it’s a necessary to unplug  so you don’t miss your life happening right now in front of your face.



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