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Embracing More Ease and Simplicity Through My Social Media Break

Social Media Break: Day 21

For some reason, I had marked off March 5th in my calendar as my return to social media. It turns out when I calculate it out, that is 4 weeks instead of 30 days of this challenge. As I’ve been documenting this journey, I kept saying 30 day and will be sticking with that number making my first day back March 7th. I need those two extra days to get myself prepared and on a schedule. I might even do a pretend 30 minute trial those two days to see what I can manage in the allotted time given. The plan is to start with taking a social media break on Sundays but might stretch it out to all weekend.

In the meantime, I am going to continue tweaking my website to simplify it.

Sure, it sounds like an oxymoron.

But in fact, it’s all jumbled up and it will have a more streamlined and easy to navigate look with very few tabs and really getting to the point: the writing!

I’ve noticed that when I put my mind to work on the website I have been more focused than ever. It would have taken me four times as long to get this done because I would have let the distraction of social media take over. Watching myself be very intentional when I sit down to do the backend allows me to work less hours so I can get back to the fun of life.

On top of simplifying my site, I have continued working on de-owning things in our house. As I fill up my trunk again (third time this year and it’s only February) to take to the free storer more of a weight is lifted and there is even less for me to be concerned about taking care of on a daily basis.

Also, the kids’ school sent home info on donating items to schools in Puerto Rico and one big thing they needed was books. We, as a family, pared down four shelves of books to one in order to give back to those in need. Then my son unleashed two giant drawers of Legos to donate to his classroom. I love seeing the kids taking to this act of giving, especially with the things that are no longer serving us.

As I continue to remove items from our house, the more I come to see that simplifying is an individual thing because each person values items differently. A revelation I had was although I continue to get rid of more stuff, I haven’t missed any of it.

Crazy, right?

Right now, this is a process and we are still in the thick of it, even 3 years in. Not everyone in the family is totally on board with simplifying but that’s ok.  Those of us who are will keep showing them how much happier we are when we only hold onto things that truly bring us joy everyday.

Even I still have things I’m holding onto just in case even though they haven’t be used in ten plus years.

Golf clubs. Who am I kidding?

I am in awe each day that this is more than a social media break, it is changing other areas in my life for the better so we can let the ease in.


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