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The New Habit Took 21 Days to Form!

Social Media Break: Day 22

Today was that moment of realization that this break from social media has finally become a habit. Research says it takes 21-30 days for something new to stick and when you take small actionable steps each day than it’s easier for the habit to stay around for the long haul.

Ironically, I have lost the urge to post everything and anything that comes into my head or taken on my camera.

Hence, the reason why the last few posts haven’t had accompanying pics. 

Instead of having an audience to laugh along with my indiscretions or something crazy my youngest said, I can shake my head and smile about it later. I will say that I do miss some friends who I used to talk to a lot. Sure, it easy enough to call or email but it’s not the same as commenting back and forth on a post. I also miss the camaraderie  of other moms. My social media friends were my tribe and while I feel less anxious about life in general, I’m looking forward to reconnecting with a handful of people that I miss chatting with the couple weeks.

Note to self: I need make more real life connections…

Remember the days of sitting at your computer instant messenging your real friends or your husband who was in the next room? It’s silly relationship things like that, that I’m ready to bring back into my life.

And that’s it. The relationships. Not the endless, mindless scrolling or the drama of people speaking their mind and then everyone saying anything they think about said subject. One change that has been fun is finding out news from people first hand.

A friend of mine recently came back from Florida and because I stayed off social media I had no idea how it went. My friend was able to have that belly to belly connection with me recalling the trip: the good, bad and the ugly.

As I sat down to write today, I saw my emotions play out so much differently than on day one.

I am excited about my next challenge:

  1. Because it will help me make healthier choices (no eating after dinner is the challenge)
  2. I feel comfortable about taking on something new.

I am in a place now where I don’t have to constantly check my phone and am not uncomfortable with the silence. I have found my passions again and am able to be present with my family. I have simplified things in my life and have let go of the anxiety from always being plugged in.

BUT this is why a challenge like this takes a month to get used to because otherwise the temptation would take over immediately and I would be back at square one. Even my relationships have improved over the last three weeks because I, myself, have been able to engage more intimately with the people I love.

It’s almost time to take off the training wheels and immerse myself back into the social media world. I am ready to let go of the reigns and let the universe do it’s thang!


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