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The Gift of Time Is Priceless

Social Media Break: Day 26

I don’t have time!

What a great excuse I’ve used way too much in the past when what I really mean is that is not important to me.

Several years ago I wrote a piece talking about how it’s not feasible for a mother of young children to be able to sit and meditate for an extended period of time. I really wanted to do it but didn’t understand how some of the (single, non parents)people I followed could understand that most moms don’t have 30 minute blocks of time. I was in a state of mind that is very different than today. And now instead of judging them, I’m loving them and their sages of wisdom that I I completely brushed off.

I found a great app (Calm) that has daily ten minute sessions and that is perfect for our life style. For a year now, I have been able to consistently find time to sit in my quiet bedroom closet and meditate. It works for my family and luckily my kids are self sufficient enough to entertain themselves for even longer than ten minutes.

When I first started, I enlisted the help of my husband and older kids to keep an eye on the younger ones so that mom could have a bit of quiet time.

Ironically, my excuse of I don’t have time for meditation didn’t come from not wanting to but from the fact that I truly believe I couldn’t carve that block of time out for myself during my “crazy, busy” days.

As I’ve done this social media challenge, I see that the time was always there. I could actually do 30 minutes of meditation now if I wanted to but I actually enjoy the ten minute sessions. My day was filled with always being so plugged into my phone and social media that I really didn’t have time to sit because of what I thought I needed to do in order to run a successful business or to pass the time when I was bored.

Letting go of all day social media has given me the gift of time so I can participate fully in the things I love. I found it was hard to find time to write, meditate, breathe or even have fun with my kids. My patience has grown ten fold with having more time and not feeling rushed. I also never had time to read and now I regularly sit down and complete 1-2 books a week because I am not filling my day with mindless checking and scrolling.

The notion of a strict social media schedule really piques my interest because I know what is possible if I go willy nilly back to this fast paced world. Slow and steady wins the race!

And I really don’t want to go back to square one!


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