Daily Gratitude

I am grateful for…safe, emotional outlets!

In a world full of bullying both cyber and real life, we all know there are people out there who like to stir the pot.

In the moment, it feels good for the bully but what they forget is that there could be a vulnerable person on the other side.

Someone who might not be strong enough to carry this load. Someone who might take the hurtful words to heart. Someone who might spend the rest of their life believing that they are fat, can’t sing, are the ugly one because of a one time comment they are lingering onto.

My goal in life is for these four kiddos to grow up having unshakeable belief in who they are. Be able to read a comment about their character or outward appearance and brush it aside.

Books and books of journals lined my memory boxes. I went back to read them and it’s mostly about boys I liked or thugs going on that day. Looking back, I wish I had a personal outlet and prompts to release pent up emotions and to grow into a stronger adult.

My wish for my children is that they don’t have to back track and unlearn things that hold them back from being their true, authentic selves.

Luci and I are collaborating on a project for 2018 in order for kids to have a safe place to release their feelings and grow up to a strong person!





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