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Social Media Break: Day 29

Hold on, before I dive in, I need to take a couple deep breaths. What I did today was all sorts of intense. My brain and my heart are still reeling from that rush. I can feel the adrenaline pumping through my body and I am having a hard time relaxing. I feel the rushed sensation coming back and WOW.

All it took was 30 minutes of research on Twitter and Instagram to get me all riled up.

Yes, I really was doing research. 

I went on with the intention to see how some of my favorite bloggers use these platforms in a simplified way. Good thing I set the timer because even when it was done, I gave myself an extra two minutes to finish up.

I logged on to take notes and not get sucked into the scroll or looking at my friends stuff. I had my notebook beside me frantically jotting down ideas the whole time. When I was done, I still had four minutes left on each platform so I did take advantage of that time by simplifying my list of people I follow. This will be a process but I was able to whittle it down some.

As I dove into the lists, I realized that many of the people I didn’t know from Adam. Or they were people I had never heard of, ever. I kept friends and inspirational people on the list but if I couldn’t place them in my head within a second or two, I unfollowed.

When I began these accounts, I was participating in the whole like for like to grow my numbers or to have people who would always support my stuff. Truth be told I wasn’t the best reciprocator and I feel awful about it now.

Isn’t social media all about the social aspect?

Reviewing my list is not about offending anyone by taking them off but instead an honest review of our relationship or level of communication. My goal right now is to have ease and simplicity in my life.

A week ago I mentioned how I was reevaluating my social media strategy. There are tried and true ways to grow your numbers but that growth is not my focus as much as building a community.  I am coming from the point of view of: Where am I best spending my time and with whom?

Growing relationships with people is most important to me. Many of my closest friends live in other parts of the country, so keeping in touch with them via social media can be an important link to our friendship. To have real conversations and not commenting or liking in order to gain something in return. With only spending 15 minutes a day or less per social media account, I’ve got to make the minutes matter. Sharing what my thoughts are, continually engaging in an authentic manner with the people I want to see in my life.

Even if my BFF’s post something and I can’t think of anything worthwhile to say or ask about then I won’t for the sake of a comment. I’ll throw them a like because I love them but this time I’m really coming in with a strong intention to build my tribe.

The key is to stay focused on your personal mission and be clear of your WHY!



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