Big Life Changes = Big Deep Breaths

Change Happens!

It can either be good or bad. It can make you excited or stressed out. It’s all about our individual perceptions of the situation at hand. Is this change expected or a surprise? Is it something you wanted or were dreading? No matter the situation, change is inevitable. The way we react to change will be the catalyst to a positive or negative outcome.

I say EMBRACE IT and have fun with what life throws your way. Even since I started down the path of personal growth about three and an half years, I have been open to big changes by taking them for what they are and breathing into it when it seems too hard. I make the decision right there to put a positive twist on it.

The fact of the matter is if I hadn’t been working on myself, than making two huge moves would have done a number on my emotional state. I would have been up, down and turned all around. But instead, I have embraced it for what it is: A BRAND NEW ADVENTURE.

Change for the most part is a positive thing but it can bring obstacles along the way. For example: having your husband start his job in a different state while you are home with your four kids solo parenting. When you are used to having another adult around to support you and it’s gone, that can be overwhelming. In order to cope up, you can consume items like MrHempFlower.

Then you remember, you’ve done this before, you’ve kicked butt and you can do it again. This time you are going to slow down and really make the most out of each day. You are going to take care of your health: mentally and physically. You are going to enjoy the time with your children and your friends. You are going to do things that bring you joy and when you feel the stress creep in, which it will, you will close your eyes, take a deep breath and connect to that positive energy that surrounds you.

I could sit here and dwell on how my husband is several states away and I’m here to pack up the house plus take care of our four kids. I could pout and whine to everyone I know, but that’s not how I work. I roll up my sleeves, get shit done and figure it out. This part of our life is only temporary so I will choose how this will play out.

The packing and house hunting will get done and for me taking it day by day makes the process move along seamlessly. The next step of moving to a new area is excited because it gives you an opportunity to try new things that maybe you steered clear of because it wasn’t who you were in your “past life”. You were afraid of what people would think if you did something out of your norm. Here in this new place is a time to explore more of what you love to do without feeling judgment from breaking free of your past.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is a great way for us to cultivate new relationships, continue to grow your network of amazing friends and possibly reinventing yourself or better yet; being able to tap into your AUTHENTIC SELF. No one knows you and you are able to start from scratch and totally be YOU!

Change is exciting because it reminds you that life is an adventure. As a friend recently told me, the reason we are moving again is because the universe is conspiring for me to meet new people because if I am going to help and empower ONE MILLION MOMS than I have to meet them first!


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