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No Expectations Challenge: Day 13

With so many ideas floating around the universe, how do you know which ones to run with and which ones to say thanks for popping in but maybe I need to pass this off to someone else?

As a person who likes to chronicle her thoughts, I’ve never really dove into writing fictional pieces. I assumed I would never good at them.

There I go expecting things again.

In late 2017, I began a fictional piece VERY loosely based on my life. Meaning the heavy subject matter was not true but the everyday situations were happening in real time at my house. The idea behind the book would have taken months maybe years of research and I don’t know if I was ready to submerge myself in it. We had relocated and were getting settled in our new city. I was unpacking and decorating but had to get as much of this idea on paper as quickly as I could in case I did choose to run with it.

There were many parts I didn’t know how to mesh together and character development was nonexistent. The premise of the book is something of interest to me so I would be genuinely invested in learning about the areas I didn’t know much about. I’m wondering if this is something I should go back to… Is the inspiration still there or has the idea moved onto someone else who was ready when I shelved it?

Ideas are trying to get our attention left and right and sometimes I get confused to the ones that will better serve me and what I should do with them. Recently, I’ve been pulled to the term Reflexology but with no follow up. The only thing I know about it is that massage therapists use it as a method to relax people all over their body focusing mainly on their feet.

Is this one of those ideas that I should move along with creatively or is it a guide to go get this body work done to relax? Who knows?

It is okay to say goodbye and thanks for coming to many ideas but how do you know when the idea is a solid one that you should stick with for the long haul? Those are the one that stay with you, pushing itself into your life. Hovering around, letting you soak it all in and then when you commit to the work, it helps you see it through to the finish.

Who am I to say that I am not a fiction writer?  Maybe because it’s not my go to method that it’s a little harder and I have fear surrounding it. The thing is the story line of this book idea I concocted is intriguing and when I put my full intention forward, it could raise some interesting questions.

I would definitely read something in this genre, so why not give it a shot?

As I have been doing soul searching for those big life questions, I realize that this book could help me get them answered. The thing about writing this book is that I have to remember that some people might like it, some might hate it but if I get something out of it then I am okay with thinking outside the box from my inner circle of influence.

Maybe I didn’t abandon the idea all together but instead I had to get into my head the notion that while a narrative is much a different prose than anything I’ve ever written, this will be fun. It will allow me to further my education on topics I know very little about by serving my curiosity to the fullest. When an idea that you think has left continues to resurface then it’s time to grab hold and let the inspiration take flight.

It’s time to enjoy the ride cause the writing is where the fun is.



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  • Diane Andow

    Keep an open mind. All options are on the table. The time worn saying.
    “If you don’t succeed, try try again.” is what has pulled me through many times.
    Love, Gam

    • admin

      Yeah, I’m definitely going to write this book and if it doesn’t work out that’s ok at least I gave it a shot and will definitely learn something.

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