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Time Is Priceless, So Choose How And Who You Spend It With Wisely

Social Media Break: Day 28

This weekend has been jam packed with what I would call post-able moments. It wasn’t until I sat down to write and recall my day did I once think about taking a picture to post on social media.

I actively participated in every activity the kids wanted me to do without even the slightest hesitation. I might not be the best basketball player but I got out of my seat to try my hand at Knockout with the other parents because my son asked me to try.

Before I would have been half paying attention trying to figure out what picture of him and his trophy to post.

At my daughter’s choir concert, the boys and I sang and danced along with the kids on stage. I was not creating a memory from behind my camera lens making sure I got the perfect shot of her singing.

My phone stayed in my purse the entire time!

I did not check us in on instastories when we got ice cream after the concert to let everyone know exactly what we were doing at 3pm on a Saturday.

I was more concerned with the size cups my kids were ordering.

While playing outside with the kids I got so wrapped up in our games that I lost track of the time.

My phone stayed plugged in all day while my mom was here.

Over the last month, my focus has been less about checking my phone and more about being in the moment with my family.

Enjoying the random dance parties in our kitchen. Reading on the couch with my son. Sitting at the dining room table journaling and being joined by my daughter so that she could write with me. Digging up holes in the backyard to find treasure with my youngest. Snuggling under our softest blanket with my third child. Having one on one time with the hubs after the kids go to bed. Enjoying playing Mario Kart tournaments as a family.

These get quite competitive.

Everything we have been doing these days is more important than incessantly checking likes and comments on my accounts. I do not regret the impulse decision I made a month ago to take a break from social media for even one moment.

The time we have spent together has been absolutely priceless and If I had to go back to tell myself anything is that I wish I would have done it sooner. The time we get is irreplaceable and the memories I’ve created in my head will be the things I remember most. My kids have told me so many times this month that they have the day best ever.

But everything is as it should be.

I have gotten to this place in my life exactly at the right time. We need to have failures to learn lessons and how to change things up to fix our mistakes. We only get better as we learn from the life we have already led. This challenge was a stepping stone for me to get out of my autopilot mode and be very intentional about how and who I plan to spend the rest of my life with.



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