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This Social Media Detox Finally Worked – Third Time’s A Charm

March 1, 2020

Each February I perform a social media detox and this year, it finally did what I’d set out to do from the beginning. The experiment was set up so I wouldn’t want to feed my social media addiction. I would go cold turkey for 29/30 days and come back feeling refreshed.

Every time, I would fall back into old habits quickly. I would be ready for March 1st to hit so I could get back to my scroll. As I sit here on March 1st of my third round of detox, I have no desire to reinstall Instagram to my phone.

Maybe I will tomorrow, but if I don’t, it’s not a big deal.

There’s no pressure to reinstate myself back into the world that provided me with the biggest sense of anxiety and distraction. My ideal from here on out is to post only when I truly have something to say or want to share pictures from the kids’ world to our family. Otherwise, I’ll give myself a couple minutes on the app to look around and then delete it until the next time.

Today is about a sense of renewal and feeling no pressure to conform to what society tells me I must do. Listen, I’m still thriving and surviving without social media. I’ve been well informed of everything going on for myself and the kids.

I’m not sucked into the drama from others and the media. The last 29 days have been less stressful and I like it.

Is this end of social media as we know it for me? Maybe…maybe.

Have you gone cold turkey from social media?

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