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September 14, 2019

As I got up on my own at 6:20am this morning with no alarm clock, I was a little nostalgic to the days when I could sleep away the weekend mornings. It made me giggle about how different our Saturdays are now compared to before kids.

A couple weeks ago, my husband got a “new” game for he and the boys to play together. A game that he obsessed over when the two of us were dating almost 15 years ago. I remember the late nights I would stay up with him, hanging out while he played and I would watch a movie. Then since we were up way past midnight, we would sleep in late the next morning.

We could do that because we didn’t have to go to work, take anyone to football, volleyball or a swim meet. But that was a different season of life and something we needed to do then.

Now, we are in this time of life when getting up early for the kids is our #1 priority and it’s fun, just totally different.

And by the way, I get so much more done during the day on the weekends when I’ve been up before the sun, not going to bed after it comes up.


What make you remember your younger days?

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