Daily Gratitude

I am grateful for…my warrior princess!

If you’ve ever had a strong willed daughter then you know that every day is not cupcakes and rainbows. Not even close.

If you’ve ever had a red headed daughter you know she is head strong and is figuring out how to be a powerful leader.

If you’ve ever had a 9-18 year old daughter than you know you are constantly being questioned and are always wrong.

But if you’ve ever had a daughter like this then you know that her kindness and love for others trumps every thing. She’s driven, wants to save the world and is a warrior princess all in one!

On this day of giving thanks, Luci’s mind is full on creating content to serve others! She and I are collaborating on a big project to help kids know their self worth and be able to lift themselves out of a crappy day because they are amazing!

She has been diligently working for the last couple days, brain dumping ideas so fast that I can barely keep up! The initial thought for the project was mine but when we put on names on it, hers is definitely going first. She has been the one putting together the look that she knows will draw kids her age to want to buy one. She is the one arranging the material inside so that it makes sense for her peers. She is the one that spurred this idea in my idea, but she will be the one that brings it to fruition! I’m here as the guide and logistics person!

She may be little but man is she fierce!


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