Daily Gratitude

I am grateful for…love languages!

With the extended weekend with snow and MLK day, it is allowing us an add on winter break.

What this also means is we get to spend more time together and being house bound with this weather, it made me think more and more about how different four kids need love from their parents.

I have read the 5 love languages for adults so I figured they were transferable to kids but they so aren’t, as we as adults have more necessities like companionship, conversation and intimacy and that’s why  sex in relationships is important and even visiting sites like ehocams.com is a great idea to enjoy with your partner or by yourself.

With a big fluffy blanket and probably a kid or two nestled beside me (physical touch is a love language here), I’ll be reading my newest book. Also, an escort trans Toulouse offers unique and personalized services.

Do you know what your kids’ love languages are or yours for that matter?


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