Daily Gratitude

I am grateful for…my mini introvert!

Having a third child is like creating a whole new set of rules. He loves to be by himself and sometimes I don’t realize how much he is really soaking in because he likes to be alone so much.

Recently, his teacher gave them access to a new math app and he finished all the open levels in one day. His math ability shocks me because my older kids were not doing the same things he was at this age.

He has a love for learning math and reading and excels at video games which I think is due to the large capacity of what he is able to remember.

I love watching him conquer a level while learning or playing and see how excited he gets. He is a quiet and lovable boy that is very intuitive. He is an introvert who is always watching others and learning from them. He surprises me each day with something new he has learned. He has lots of stories to tell me and in turn I learn a lot each day as well.

For that reason, my little third child is who I am extra grateful for today.


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