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Getting Rid of Expectations When Purchasing A Used Vehicle

No Expectations: Day 5

My hubby is handy by nature. If something breaks, he can fix it and if he doesn’t know how, he will figure it out. Many times I go into expectation mode because usually he is able to repair the majority of things that go broke. I’m not highly disappointed when he doesn’t because I know he has done absolutely everything to figure it out realizing it’s better for a professional to do it.

My 2007 Odyssey has been slowly taking a turn for the worst. It’s still drive-able but things are breaking here and there making getting in and out of it more difficult for the kids. Hubby to the rescue when the sliding door finally kicked the bucket. He (and I) worked on the van for several hours trying to remedy the situation with no avail. I, as his calm sidekick, offered physical support when he needed it.

Turns out we needed more help fixing the door than we could do at home. Off to the dealership we (Cam and I) went the next morning. This is the time when a whole lot of intentional thinking about holding no expectations was going to come in handy. We didn’t know how long the service was going to take and we were going to wait around till it was done. I came prepared with a Kindle and snacks for him and a book and coffee for me. After 2 hours in their play area, which was equipped with cars, a tent and movies, coming in with no expectations was key to a rather calm and enjoyable morning at the car dealership.

Week ago me would have approached this in a very different manner and would probably still be sulking about her morning (to herself in a passive aggressive manner). I knew the door was in poor condition, so I went into this process with no expectation and when the diagnostic came back I was not disappointed with what they told us. It is what it is and will probably lead to the next big purchase.

As I look at how simple living has improved my spending habits, I know we have will have to get a new to us minivan in our near future so the key is to begin saving for it now, so we can avoid a large monthly payment. Knowing I want a Honda again makes the shopping easier but finding the right pre-owned vehicle for the right price will be a little more of a process.

Let the savings to pay with cash and search begin. 

I am holding no expectations to when this will happen so that if it takes a month, 6 months or a year from now, it will be the right timing for our big purchase that we will have already begun saving for in lieu of staying away from financing.



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