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Don’t Let Halloween Pass You By

October 31, 2019

Department stores, grocery stores and even homes are decorated up for one of the biggest holidays of the year…Christmas. You thought I was going to say Halloween, right?

Nope, even though today is actually Halloween, retailers around the world have already set up for Christmas. Either that or they are frantically tearing down their fall displays to make way for the winter festivities.

I’m no Grinch but I love Halloween and Thanksgiving. I don’t want to pass them up in order to prepare for two months of Christmas. Fall decorations are so calming and make me slowly roll into the season of blankets, Uggs and fires.

Cooking a big meal for Thanksgiving is not only about family and being grateful for all we have, but it’s a time to celebrate one of my son’s birthdays. He loves that this big meal is really all about him. His birthday falls on Turkey Day once every six years and it makes him so happy. He was even born on Thanksgiving!

While I love Christmas, I also love celebrating other holidays when they fall during the year as well. Christmas is one day like Halloween, not weeks or months…

When do you put up your Holiday decorations?


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