Body Hair, Voice Changes and Enlarging Testicles, Oh My!

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When we began our family, the decision was made (mostly by me) to have four kids spaced closely together. The vision of having them go through stages of life was my dream. One of the deciding factors was being done with potty training, naps and diapers in a short period of time.

We then became a baby making factory having four kids in five years. Most days it’s fun having the kids close in age, but it means some of the harder parts of life come at us like rapid fire. Puberty for one is not something to take lightly. We are growing adults over here for pete’s sake. The younger years seem like a walk in the park compared to the emotional and physical changes occurring now.

Body Hair, Voice Changes and Enlarging Testicles, Oh My

Conversations about these big life transitions never come up when I’m prepared to talk. Nope, they happen at random when I’m least expecting it. While tucking my nine year old into bed, he paused before I left the room and said, “Mom I have a question.”

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How We Got Our Children Begging To Do Household Chores

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With six people living in one house, it can look as if a bomb went off. Our children are school aged, so we expect them to help out around the house. There are certain things they must do to earn electronic time or before hanging out with friends. Our philosophy is based on the fact that we are raising independent adults. There is a reward system in place, but we need to entice them a little more to do unsavory tasks.

Over the years we’ve attempted several different methods of chore charts and rewards. As they get older, the more expensive items they want. For many of these things, I encourage them to pay for them with their own money. The question becomes…

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Social Media Ruined My Body Image

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Ever since I was ten years old, I was aware of my body; whether gaining weight, growing boobs, how I looked in clothes, etc. For years, I tried all the weight loss programs, diets and lifestyle changes to get to that perfect shape. I even joined a network marketing company *gasp* (Disclaimer: this is NOT a post to get you to buy, no company names will be used. Now that’s out of the way, moving on).

I really loved my network marketing career while I was in it. It brought a community who had similar values, wanted to become better versions of ourselves and really helped people find solutions. In hindsight, being so open with my weight-loss transformation made me susceptible to critiquing myself all the time.

This is the opposite of what I believe was a healthy self image.

An Obsession With Numbers

Before and after pictures were my way to see progress as was stepping on the scale. Several times a day, I watched the numbers go up and down. If I wasn’t satisfied with those measurements…


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