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Breaking Free of The Facebook Ties That Bind

Social Media Break: Day 27

Wow, we are totally rounding the corner and coming into the home stretch. The closer we get to D-day, the more anxious I am about coming back to social media.

This morning as I was chatting with one of my girlfriends (yes, on the phone), I explained my fear to her about reentering the world of Facebook. She justified my concerns but reassured me that the algorithms are so different now that we aren’t seeing people unless we begin posting more (lots, more) throughout the day.

Before your posts would get boosted to the top of the news feed when engagement was happening on other people’s posts. If what she said is true then that is completely counterproductive to what I want to accomplish and will not to my plan to have simplicity and ease.

I know my focus is not on likes and comments but it is about engaging and building relationships. Facebook seems to be my drug of choice and while I like seeing my friends and their goings on, it is time to cut the cord. I will still be a member but will no longer be active. My decision comes as I want to grow myself as a writer and my precious time is best spend on platforms like Twitter, Medium and Instagram.

I still like pretty and cute photos. 

Facebook is like that relationship that you can’t let go of and wouldn’t know what to do if you split up. Guess what? It might be hard but you will survive. Sure, you could give it another chance because next time will be different but it isn’t. You must be the strong one and move on because it is what is best for everyone involved.

While I am cutting ties with this platform, I still enjoy the relationships I have made on there and want to keep connecting with people. So I plan on having a transition period letting everyone know where to find me and about my decision.

Putting this into writing helps me to fully set the intention to break free from something that was a clear distraction for me.

I have been having a hard time figuring out my social media strategy for Twitter and Instagram because I was so consumed with what I was going to ultimately do with Facebook. Now that this chapter has come to a close, my brain space can be opened to planning out how to properly use social media to serve my audience. Keeping Facebook in the background was taking the ease out of everything making it a jumbled mess. But now I feel as if I can breathe having a sense of clarity about my priorities.

Spoiler Alert: it’s about having more time!



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