Daily Gratitude

I am grateful for… creativity!

As a child of the 80’s I love to tell my children how we didn’t have kindles, phones, or any of the electronics that they love today!

But I get it, we evolve with technology and I’m all good with change but there are times when I see that the kids definitely need a break.

We are pretty kid centered when it comes to the activities they want to participate in. Although, I do have to put my foot down when they get defiant and mean.

Apparently, when I get my Mom tone, take away electronics for a day and set my foot down because someone doesn’t listen, he can totally tap into his creativity to build an 800 piece LEGO guy all on his own.

I’m all about technology but still find it ironic that my kids can use their brains to the fullest when they are able to shut down.


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