Daily Gratitude

I am grateful for…my one and only daughter!

With four kids, it’s rare to get one on one time unless it’s planned out. This one here craves my time as it is her Love Language and so I make an extra effort to spend some QT with her.

She is able to really let loose and be silly when it’s the two of us. The reason for this trip to Target was not even for her. She has such a giving heart and was super excited to get presents for her brother’s birthday!

Today I am grateful for this girl and the time we spend together. Sometimes when I look at her, I realize that once she is pass the teen years she and I are going to be best friends. I am the one she will call when she has her first baby and wants me to be there by her side.

We have so much fun together and throw in an Icee from target and I become her favorite person today!


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