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My dream job has always been to be a mom. Some kids want to grow up to be a doctor, teacher, bus driver (no, just me at age 5), President of the United States but not me. There was nothing more important than having a big family to care for and nurture.

I went to college because it was the next logical step after high school. Even though I had to pick a major, I knew the trajectory of my path. After four drastically different majors, I settled on a degree that made sense.

Psychology. What the heck am I going to do with this? After undergrad, I eventually went back to get my master’s in school counseling. In the midst of my job search, I got pregnant and was completely relieved. It was time to start focusing on my original dream.

Go The Distance With Your Goals

They say what you focus on you find. When you write down these goals it amps it up even more. I didn’t know all that stuff in my early 20’s but I did it anyways because I wanted a road map. It became the plan for my life, starting with what age I would get engaged, married, and how old I would be when each of my four kids was born. Call me psychic but I pretty much predicted their birth months. Years later I found that paper stuck in a drawer and it turns out I was only off my schedule by several months. I call that commitment because I wanted this life more than anything.

But something was missing. I had always loved journaling. Even before my oldest was born, I blogged about my pregnancy for our families to read. Then my days got chaotic as we continued adding more babies to the mix, so writing got pushed to the side.

Two kids in and I felt this urge to contribute financially to our family so I started a business. I got to write again making me feel alive. At one point my grandma told me I wrote like Erma Bombeck. What a great compliment. Writing gave me purpose and a way to unleash all the thoughts swirling around in my head.

Writing Through My Own Issues

I never thought about writing as a career because I hate English class in high school and college. They were prerequisites, so I had to take them but dreaded it. Writing research papers and defending arguments about Shakespeare was so blah.

With those thoughts in my mind, I didn’t know how to start a writing career. I continued to write because it made me happy. I could let my emotions out through my words to work through my issues. Wouldn’t you know, the things I wrote and published on my blog were truly speaking to other people? Not just me.

This is where it gets tricky. I consider myself a writer now but haven’t completely flipped the switch from amateur to professional. The only reason is because I’m not making any money. Most days, I find the time to write early in the morning before the kids get up. I love sitting down the old fashioned way with a pen and paper letting the words flow effortlessly out with no filter. I can always edit later. But since writing as a career was never on my radar, I didn’t know where to start.

How Does This Creative Entrepreneur Thing Work

I started writing because frankly being a stay at home mom can be lonely. It gave me a space to let my thoughts out to other moms like me. Over the years, I’ve had several business and thought I had a handle on things but my revenue stayed stagnant. And profit was a joke. I’m not afraid to do new things but honestly I’m stuck.

Intellectually, I know what to do. I’ve read books, blog posts, and forums about how to grow a business. But all I want to is create. The ideas are able to flow out of my head and onto paper with ease. In order to make a career out of my writing, I need loyal clients who know, like and trust me. I love writing, editing and publishing but when it comes to the business side, I draw a blank.

The creative aspect is where I flourish. The technical side and building a successful business is a little trickier. Let’s be straight here, I don’t mind putting in the work. But somehow, I find it’s a waste of time when I sit and stare at my screen trying to figure out a business plan when I don’t have the education or background to do so. Do I want to go back to school or take a class, not really? So what will work?

Consistent Action Brings Results

Continuing to harness my craft by writing daily.  I know that I’ve always wanted to be at home with my kids and that will never change. Working from home and having my own schedule is amazing. But let’s be honest, there are so many distractions.

A lot of my day consists of the same things in and out. You know typical SAHM stuff but I still have that urge to do more and help others. When I write and share my experiences, my hope is that it speaks to someone. This person then feels as if they have an army of support on their side.

While I still am learning about how to build a successful business, the one thing I do know is to: keep writing, sharing, and posting. When I’m not writing, I’m reading to learn from others and what has worked for them. It might take me years to find my groove but as long as I’m patient and willing to stay in the game, it will happen.

My life plans that I wrote on a scrap piece of paper didn’t occur overnight. It happened because I kept those goals in the forefront of my mind and kept plugging along with small daily actions. That path of my life happened because I wanted it so badly. Writing is the same way, so the only I can do is keep plugging along and learn something new each day to help me get to that next level.



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