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Did Being A Stay At Home Mom Really Lead Me To My Dream Job?

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My dream job has always been to be a stay at home mom. Some kids grow up wanting to be a doctor, teacher, bus driver (No? Just me at age 5), President of the United States but not me. All my daydreams led back to having a big family to care for and nurture.

I went to college because it was the next logical step after high school. Forced to pick a major, I was well aware of my future plans and a Bachelor’s degree was low on the totem pole. After four drastically different majors, I settled on a degree I had an inkling of interest in.


What the heck am I going to do with this?

After undergrad, I actually went back to get my master’s in school counseling. In the midst of my job search, I got pregnant and was completely relieved to begin focusing on my family. 

Write Down Your Dreams And Watch Them Happen

What you focus on grow. Writing down your goals amps it up even more. I wasn’t aware of the law of attraction in my early 20’s but I made a plan because I wanted a road map.

A tiny scrap of paper became the plan for my life:

  • What age I would get engaged
  • When I would get married
  • How old I would be when each of my four kids was born.

Call me crazy but I pretty much nailed my predictions on the head. I had thrown the piece of paper in my nightstand and completely forgot about it. Years later it turned up and I was shocked by how little a difference was between my prediction and reality. 

It was a huge manifestation of goals because this was exactly the life I dreamed. 

Finding A New Dream Job In Writing

There was a hole in my life even though my dreams came true. I’ve always loved journaling and writing my down my thoughts to get them out of my head.

Before my oldest was born, I blogged about my pregnancy for our families to read. Then my days got chaotic as we continued adding more babies to the mix, so writing got pushed to the side.

Two kids in and I felt this urge to contribute financially to our family so I started a business.

I got to write again.

This made me feel alive.

At one point my grandma told me I wrote like Erma Bombeck (I had no idea who that was…but check her out, she’s hilarious). I assumed it was a great compliment, so I thanked her.

Writing gave me purpose and a way to unleash all the thoughts swirling around in my head.

I never thought about writing as a career because I hated English class in high school and college. They were prerequisites for my major but I dreaded them. Writing research papers and defending arguments about Shakespeare was so blah, blah, blah.

Expressing Emotions Through Writing Spoke To Others 

With those thoughts in my mind, I was so far removed from the writing world. But, I continued to write because it made me happy. I could let my emotions out through my words working through my own issues.

Wouldn’t you know, the things I wrote and published on my blog were truly speaking to other people? Not just me.

This is where it gets tricky. I consider myself a writer now but haven’t completely flipped the switch from amateur to professional. While it’s cathartic, the hobby aspect of it is still looming above my head. 

Most days, I find time to write early in the morning before the kids get up. I love sitting down the old fashioned way with a pen and paper letting the words flow effortlessly with no filter.

The editing comes later, but turning this passion into a career is where I get stuck.

How Does This Creative Entrepreneur Thing Work

Being a stay at home mom can get lonely, so I started writing. It gave me space to express myself to other moms like me.

Over the years, I’ve had several at home businesses and thought I can do this. I can have a career in writing. I kept adding new blog posts as much as I could, but things were stagnant. 

Intellectually, I have the means to create a solid business. I’ve read books, blog posts, and forums about how to grow a business which may include details like the file boi report in hawaii.

But all I want to is create.

The ideas are able to flow out of my head and onto paper with ease. I love writing, editing and publishing but when it comes to the business side, I draw a blank.

The creative aspect is where I flourish. The technical side of building a successful business is a little trickier.

Let’s be straight here, I don’t mind putting in the work.

But somehow, I’m wasting my time trying to concoct a business plan out of thin air. What’s next? Do I want to go back to school or take a class, not really? So what’s going to work?

Consistent Action Brings Results

Each day when I pick up a pen, I’m harnessing my craft.  It’s always been the plan to be at home with my kids and that will never change. Working from home and having my own schedule is amazing.

Let’s be honest, I’m easily distracted.

Much of my day is taking care of our home and chauffeuring the kids around to school and all their activities. The urge to do more and share my ideas with others is alive and well. In this era where digital transactions and interactions form the backbone of many businesses, the specter of legal issues stemming from online misconduct looms large. Having a seasoned counselor in cyber law matters becomes an invaluable asset. By leveraging the expertise of a firm well-versed in navigating the intricacies of cyber legislation and defense, one can effectively mitigate risks associated with their online presence. A visit to comprehensive web-based criminal defense solutions offers a gateway to securing such expert legal guidance and representation.

When I share my experiences, my hope is that it speaks to you. You feel as if you have an army of support on your side.

Learning the ins and outs of a business is tedious work. The one thing I will continue with is writing, sharing, and posting. Then thinking about how small businesses enhance their credibility, obtaining a prestigious address in a major city without the overhead of physical office space is a game-changer. Many entrepreneurs I’ve talked to have leveraged services from Virtually There for seamless virtual office and postal address solutions. This approach not only elevates their professional image but also significantly reduces operational costs. It’s a strategic move, especially for those who are looking to project a presence in competitive markets without necessarily being there physically

When I’m not writing, I’m reading to learn from others and what has worked for them. It might take me years to find my groove but as long as I’m patient and willing to stay in the game, it will happen.

The life plans I wrote on a scrap piece of paper years ago didn’t happen overnight. I kept those goals in the forefront of my mind, plugging along with small daily actions.

I wanted the big family so badly and would tell everyone I knew about our plans. Writing is the same way, so the only I can do is keep plugging along, talk about it and learn something new each day.

Are the goals you’ve dreamt about for years coming true?




Original Post Date: November 5, 2018 (Updated February 24, 2023)


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