School’s Out For Summer – May 30, 2019

The plan was to start editing my book after the kids got out of school. They finished up the Friday before Memorial Day weekend. We went to the pool all weekend, grilled out and enjoyed our new patio furniture.

Then it was time to get back into our summer schedule, full of swim team, swim lessons, mini camps here and there, and basically hanging out.

It seems as if I’ve taken to this hanging out the house with my kids thing a little too far. Or I’m procrastinating.

Either way, I think the best way to ease myself into this editing process is to just read the manuscript with no plan. To take notes as I go instead of doing a hard edit. Once I get into the book, I know it will submerge.

Now, I have to figure out how to uncling my kids from hips.

Ode To The Dog Moms – May 17, 2019

Yes, we celebrated our dog’s birthday yesterday. I never thought I’d be one to do something like this, but the kids made me do it.


I’m the one who bought the dog her treat and a couple new toys when they were at school. I’m the one who video taped them singing Happy Birthday to her. I’m the one who had a countdown till her birthday.

Ok, it was all me. I admit it. It was her first birthday. We always have to make a big deal for the firsts!

In other notes, I’m still in the waiting period of resting my book, so I do things like host dog parties for my kids.

Insert Bad Dad Joke Here – May 4, 2019

First before I write anything else down. May the Fourth Be With You! Ok, I’m done being corny today. I won’t even tell you what I did yesterday at Fifth Third bank.

While, I’m letting my manuscript rest, I thought I’d delved into some real behind the scenes materials: working on my website. I’ve never played around with Parallax scrolling before, so why not try something new. It’s fun learning a new method of blogging and design, since I’ve been messing around with this type of stuff since about 2007. You know back in the days when many of us didn’t know that we should have our own hosted website.

Hats off to you, blogger.I’m excited to fill you all in on the day to day around here, because while writing can get a little mundane, it’s also fun to be a voyeur and get a peek into what other people do.